Location and Dates Coming Soon!

Thank you to our QSim2023 participants who joined us in beautiful Telluride!

About QSim

Recent experimental advances in controlling quantum coherence present new opportunities to realize quantum simulation of complex quantum many-body systems. Quantum simulators based on a variety of architectures, including ultracold atoms and molecules in optical lattices, trapped ions, Rydberg gases, isolated spins in solids, and superconducting circuits, proffer rich playgrounds for Hamiltonian engineering and time-dependent control of many-body quantum systems. Many of these systems can routinely achieve parameter regimes and sizes that are seemingly intractable to simulate on a classical computer.

QSim is an international annual conference on quantum simulation that aims to bridge theory and experiment, bringing together physicists, engineers, chemists, material scientists, mathematicians, and computer scientists working at the forefront of quantum simulation and related problems that include applications, algorithms, verification, noise, scaling, etc. for both analog and digital approaches. A special session midweek will be devoted to charting the future of the field. We hope that this conference will stimulate interactions across disciplines and unveil new connections between seemingly disparate aspects of physics.

The conference is sponsored by the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation.

Invited Speakers – TBD